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Future Utilities include:
  • Nest Node (Early August 2022)- Early Bird ownership will grant access to our Nest Node, which will increase ETH transaction speeds for holders. Our provider is the one of, if not the fastest on the market, with speeds upwards of 20ms.
  • Worms Mart (Early August 2022)- Holders will gain access to Worms Mart, Early Birds’ gasless Polygon marketplace. Our unique marketplace will provide a wide range of redeemable items and services for holders. Only $WORMS are accepted.
  • Merchandise (September 2022)- Spread the good word of the bird via exclusive merchandise drops. Merch will be limited to 69 units per design and will ship worldwide. Merchandise sales will directly support our team, as well as power our Bird Bank (Treasury).
  • Educational Guides (Q4 2022)- Holders will be granted multiple extensive guides, which will outline safety protocols and the steps to be becoming a successful reseller in and out of the NFT space.
  • Short Films (Q4 2022)- Mikey will be animating short films that will captivate audiences and generate virality within the NFT space. Short films will feature lucky holders' Early Birds.
We anticipate to expand our utilities and toolkit based on the wants and needs of our holders.