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$WORMS is the core utility token throughout the Early Birds ecosystem. Early Birds have been generating 5 v1 $WORMS per day since mint, via passive staking. Prior to implementation of our Worms Mart (marketplace) and our Polygon v2 $WORMS token, we will have members claim their v1 $WORMS, which will be replaced with our new Polygon v2 $WORMS. Holders will have their claimed v1 $WORMS amount snapshotted and will be airdropped v2 $WORMS equal to their v1 quantity. After this airdrop, the only way to generate $WORMS will be via locked staking.
Early Bird rarity and staking periods are variables that increase $WORMS production.
We will NEVER establish a liquidity pool for $WORMS. All $WORMS utility and value is confined within the Early Birds ecosystem. 1 $WORMS = 1 $WORMS.