Upon release of our updated Nest, holders will be encouraged to stake their Early Birds, enabling $WORMS production and airdrop/legendary transformation eligibility. If holders' Early Birds are not staked, their holder benefits will be limited to Discord access. Early Birds will be sent to our staking wallet upon staking and returned to holders' wallets when unstaked.

There will be three different locked staking options available to holders:

  • 365 days- 20 $WORMS per day

  • 1095 days- 40 $WORMS per day

After a Bird's locked staking duration ends, the owner will need to unstake their Early Bird to reclaim their Early Bird in their wallet. Holders can claim $WORMS at any time, regardless of remaining durations on staking periods. Holders cannot unstake Early Birds prior to the corresponding locked staking durations once they have staked, so choose carefully when selecting stake durations.

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