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Early Birds' rarities will boost $WORMS production based on their rarest trait. There are multiple tiers of boosts, tiered as such:
Tier 1: No Boost Tier 2: 10% Boost- Tux, Toga, Prison Jumpsuit, Varsity Jacket, Gold Chains, VR, Cyborg, Thuglife, Fire, Top Hat, Devil Horns, Gold Halo, Sushi Headband, Bubblegum, PartyHorn, Vanilla (no hat, no clothing, no mouth) Tier 3: 20% Boost- Pimp Coat, Kings Cloak, Vomit, Rainbow Vomit, Rose, Pizza, Knife, Lazer Eyes, Scouter, Jeweled Crown, Egg Tier 4: 30% Boost- Gold, Starbird, Prom Dress, Hoodie, Mutant Bird Tier 5: 50% Boost- Legendary Birds
Boost rewards are multiplicative with staking rewards, so for example: a Legendary Bird in a 365 day stake will earn 30 $WORMS per day (20 $WORMS per day standard for 365 day stake * 1.5 boost multiplier).
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