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Worms Mart is our gasless Polygon marketplace where Early Bird holders will be able to exchange $WORMS for a range of redeemable items such as:
  • Whitelist Spots- Quality collaborations and partnerships will grant holders access to valuable mints from worthwhile projects.
  • Metadata Transformations- Holders will be able to update their Early Bird's metadata via rare, redeemable items like Radioactive Worms, which transform a holder's Early Bird into a mutant version of itself. Other metadata changes such as 1/1 and common background updates will be available as well.
  • Merchandise- Early Birds branded hoodies, t-shirts, hats, and more will be available for redemption with free worldwide shipping.
  • NFTs- We will offer an array of NFTs to holders via raffle entries.
  • IRL Event Access- Holder-only events will be held in LA, NYC and other TBD locations.
  • Digital Gift Cards- Holders will be able to redeem digital gift cards to major online retailers such as Amazon.
  • ACO Access (Auto Checkout)- Holders will gain access to our toolkit of automation programs, which will allow mass purchases of exclusive retail items and NFT mints.
  • Legendary Items- Legendary Bird holders will have exclusive access to Legendary items within out marketplace
FCFS Buy It Now & Raffle Entries will be used as the purchase options within Worms Mart.