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Current Utilities include:
  • Alpha- Early Birds Genesis is an expansive information hub, consisting of many blue-chip NFT holders. Our Alpha Chat, which is exclusive to Early Birds holders, is full of renowned alpha shot callers and engaged community members. We will continue to expand our team of alpha shot callers, with Chris at the head of the Alpha Department.
  • Education and Community- Our provision of education in the Web3 space is one of our most beneficial utilities. We have a low supply with the intention of embracing our holders with a tight-knit community feel. This low supply also enables Chris to be engaged with every member, taking their personal situations and experience into account when addressing holder questions, ideas or concerns. This establishment of lasting relationships between holders promotes member retention and brand longevity.
  • Airdrops- Holders who follow specific guidelines will be eligible for random airdrops consisting of NFTs, Ethereum, and more! As of the publishing of this Whitepaper, we have proudly given back approximately 40eth to EBG holders.
  • Legendary Transformations- Every Transformation Tuesday we transform a random staked Early Bird into a Legendary Bird. There will be a total of 69 Legendary Birds within the collection.