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Our upcoming v2 $WORMS token on Polygon will be replacing our current v1 $WORMS ERC token. Our v2 $WORMS token will be a Polygon token with a fixed total supply of 50,000,000.
5,000,000 v2 $WORMS will be allocated to the Bird Bank (Early Birds' Treasury) to fund v2 $WORMS airdrops to v1 $WORMS holders.
Moving our utility token to Polygon allows us to create and utilize an essentially gasless marketplace for Early Bird holders.
All Worms Mart purchases will burn the provided $WORMS automatically, maintaining a healthy circulating supply.
We will NEVER create a liquidity pool for $WORMS.
All $WORMS utility and value exists within the Early Birds ecosystem. 1 $WORMS = 1 $WORMS